Get the tools you need to accelerate your nonprofit's impact.

Tap into more donors and greater revenue with unlimited possibilities for online giving.

Donation Forms

The evolution of the donation form. Faster, smarter, and optimized for higher conversion.


A fundraising UI kit for your website that allows you to create engaging, trackable calls to action.

Machine Learning

AI-powered optimizations that increase conversion by right-sizing ask amounts and intelligently upgrading donors.

Donor Portal

Let supporters manage recurring plans, donation dedications P2P fundraisers, and donation receipts using a self-service portal.


Protect your donors and your data with enterprise certifications for fundraising.


Comprehensive security tools to safeguard your nonprofit and your donors.


Out-of-the-box support for chapters, federations, and any other org structure.Explore

Country features

Payment options, data formats, and other features built for country-specific fundraising.

Data exports

Build data files that include the records, labels, and formats that you need.


Accept hundreds of donations every second on big days of giving.

Global fundraising

Fundraise from any country in the world with global fundraising tools.

Recurring giving

Everything you need to grow sustained support and increase recurring revenue.Explore


Engage more donors with the only donation platform built for multi-country fundraising.


Push more than 100+ datapoints to the other apps in your tech stack.


135+ supported currencies enable you engage donors from other countries.

Company matching

Add company matching to your donation experience to upgrade donors at checkout.

White label

Your branding across the platform. Because donors trust you, not our logo.

Enterprise support

Get help that you don’t have to pay for from people who know you.


Donation dedications that give you greater customization without losing conversion.


Automatically send good looking, mobile-optimized emails when people donate.


Protect your donor experience against fraud to prevent chargebacks and dings.

Virtual Terminal

Process donations directly from your account’s dashboard.


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